Introduction to HIPAA Compliance and Audit Program for Health Care Facilities and Providers

Users Guide to This Self-Assessement Guide
This Users Guide will help you understand how to work with this program if you are a first-time user or a former subscriber to these programs.

Auditing Your HIPAA Program
Health providers should consider periodic audits of the HIPAA program in order to correct problems and avoid noncompliance penalties. This audit feature should be used for established programs only.

Complying With the HIPAA Privacy Regulations
The original privacy requirements have been updated with changes from the HITECH Act of 2009 and the January 2013 omnibus regulations.

Complying With the HIPAA Breach Notification Regulations
The HITECH Act introduced a new standard required of covered entities; providing notice to individuals whose unsecured protected health information has been subject to a breach. This section provides necessary policies and other information for compliance.

Complying With the HIPAA Security Regulations
Security is often an overlooked part of the HIPAA requirements but is actually the area in which the majority of the complaints, investigations and sanctions are occurring. This section provides essential guidelines and policies for complying with the HIPAA security requirements.